Cold and Flu Feel Better Tips For Children


While over-the-counter medicines help, there are still plenty of other things you can do to help your child feel better.


Get them to drink water—or juice, or both. Liquids can help with their congestion and it will keep them hydrated. Plus, they’re easier to get down than solid food if they’re suffering from things like sore throat or vomiting.


Get them to sleep. Rest is always a good idea when your child is feeling run down. If you’re wondering if they should stay home, click here for some helpful tips.


Moisturize their nasal passageways. Using a humidifier or cool mist vaporizer could help with their congestion. You can also try saline nasal drops.


Soothe their sore throat. Have them eat ice chips or ice pops to cool their burning throat. While ice cream doesn’t create more mucus, it can make mucus feel thicker. So you may want to skip the triple chocolate chunk just in case.


Calm their cough. A humidifier and a steamy shower are your coughing child’s best friend right now. (But make sure they still cough at least a little. Coughing can help remove lodged mucus.)


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