Sore throats have met their match! Mucinex® InstaSoothe Sore Throat Spray utilizes benzocaine and menthol that instantly cools your sore throat so you can get on with your day and leave the pain behind. Our cherry-flavored and winterfresh-flavored formulas are alcohol-free, effectively numb pain fast, and can be used up to 4x daily or as doctor directed to give you hours of sore throat relief you can count on.
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Our InstaSoothe 3 in 1 medicated drops are available in three different formulas so you can specifically target your sore throat symptoms. Alpine Herbs & Fresh Mint Flavor Sore Throat & Cough Relief Drops relieve your cough and sore throat. Honey & Echinacea Flavored Sore Throat Drops soothe your throat and ease throat pain. And, Elderberry & Wild Cherry Flavored Sore Throat Drops target your sore throat with Maximum Sore Throat relief in a fast-acting formula so you can focus on your life, and say goodbye to throat irritation.

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