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Chest Congestion Medicine Options

Chest Congestion Medicine Options | Mucinex®

Chest Cold Prevention Tips

You can get the congestion, aches and coughing of colds and flus any time of year, but they may be as common as sweaters during cooler months. 

Chest Congestion - Going Deeper

Chest Congestion – Going Deeper | Mucinex®

When you breathe, you inhale particles that are floating around in the air, like dust, allergens, bacteria or viruses. 

Chest Congestion Relief

Chest Congestion Relief | Mucinex®

There are simple things you can do to thin and loosen the extra mucus that has gotten thicker and taken up residence in your lungs.

Common Early Chest Cold Symptoms

Common Early Chest Cold Symptoms | Mucinex®

So you thought (hoped) you might coast through cold and flu season, but suddenly you're feeling a little under the weather. 

Defining Chest Cold Symptoms

Defining Chest Cold Symptoms | Mucinex®

If you've ever had a runny nose and sore throat morph into a productive cough that leaves you feeling drained, you've dealt with a dreaded chest cold.