Product Finder: Find your type of Mucinex for Cold and Flu Medicine

As the #1 doctor recommended and trusted cough/cold brand, Mucinex has developed a family of brands and products to provide long-lasting (i.e., Mucinex 12HR or Mucinex DM 12HR) and maximum-strength, multi-symptom relief (i.e. Mucinex Fast-Max). We have medicine to treat symptoms like cold & flu, cough, chest congestion, fever, sinus pressure & congestion, sore throat, headaches and more. Find what Mucinex product is best for you!

Find the best cold and flu medicine for your symptoms!

Mucinex DM
Mucinex Fast Max
Mucinex Night Shift
Mucinex Instasoothe
Mucinex Sinus Max
Mucinex Children
Mucinex Freefrom

For product specific details please reference packaging and/or information on specific product detail pages.

Use as directed.

*Excluding additives like artificial flavors, colors or dyes. Alchohol and sugar free.