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Cold (children, day and/or night)(Gobot) - Children

Children's Multi-Symptom Cold Day and Night

The day time liquid breaks up mucus, controls cough and clear stuffy nose, the night time liquid cold medicine relieves fever, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing and controls cough.

Mucinex Junior Cold and Flu Caplets, 20ct

Acetaminophen helps relieve body pain, sore throat, headaches and reduces fever: Get symptom relief for your child with Mucinex Junior Cold and Flu caplets. Active ingredient acetaminophen works to relieve body pain, sore throat, headaches, as well as reduce fever. Guaifenesin combats congestion: Mucus comes hand in hand with congestion. Guaifenesin is an expectorant that helps reduce chest congestion that...

Mucinex® Nighttime Cold Medicine for Kids: Very Berry

When your little one can’t sleep, no one can sleep. And when it’s more than one symptom that’s causing all the trouble, it’s time to get relief. It’s time for Children's Mucinex Night Time Multi-Symptom Cold Liquid. Sneezing, stuffy or runny nose, headache, aches and pains, cough, fever. Let Children's Mucinex Night Time Multi-Symptom Cold Liquid in Very Berry Flavor...

MUCINEX® Children's Multi-Symptom Liquid - Cold Very Berry

A stuffy nose + cough + chest congestion = one unhappy camper. When your child gets sick with more than one symptom, relieve what’s bothering your little one with Children's Mucinex Multi-Symptom Cold Liquid in Very Berry Flavor.

MUCINEX® Children's FreeFrom™ Multi-Symptom Cold, Flu & Sore Throat + Multi-Symptom Cold & Flu Nighttime - Value Pack – Day/ Night

When your little one is feeling under the weather, treat them with a medication that helps provide relief from multiple cold and flu symptoms. Mucinex Children's FreeFrom Multi-symptom Cold, Flu & Sore Throat and Mucinex Children's Multi-symptom Cold & Flu Nighttime Liquid formulations contain no artificial flavors, colors or dyes and are formulated without alcohol and sugar. Appropriate for children...