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Other Reasons You Might Experience Flu Symptoms

You're sniffling, achy and tired, but why? While influenza, also known as the flu, is one potentialcause of these symptoms, you can also experience these symptoms from colds, allergies or chestinfections. Getting a handle on the cause of your symptoms can help get you on the path to astrong and full recovery. If your symptoms are severe or long-lasting, consult your doctor.

Productive Coughs

Productive Coughs | Mucinex®

There’s no way around it: mucus trapped in the respiratory tract has to go somewhere. Often, it comes out thanks to a productive, or “wet” cough.

Cough Medicine Options

Cough Medicine Options | Mucinex®

Thinner mucus is easier to cough up and out of your airway. Certain Mucinex® products contain guaifenesin, an expectorant, which helps to thin and loosen the mucus in your airways and make your coughs more “productive.

The Effects of a Cough or Cold on Your Productivity

The Effects of a Cold on Your Productivity | Mucinex®

Anyone who’s ever soldiered through a miserable cold knows that a stuffy nose, sore throat and itchy palate doesn’t make you feel motivated and productive. 

The Impact of a Cough or Cold on Sleep

The Impact of a Cough or Cold on Sleep | Mucinex®

It can seem like a Catch-22. Rest bolsters recovery from a cough or cold, but the symptoms often interfere with sleep. 

The Science Behind the Common Cold

The Science Behind the Common Cold | Mucinex®

There’s a reason they call it the “common cold” — because most everyone experiences it many times in their lives.