Voluntary Recall of certain lots of liquid bottles of MUCINEX® FAST-MAX® Night Time Cold & Flu; MUCINEX® FAST-MAX® Cold & Sinus; MUCINEX® FAST-MAX® Severe Congestion & Cough and MUCINEX® FAST-MAX® Cold, Flu & Sore Throat because the over-the-counter medications, which correctly label the product on the front of the bottle and lists all active ingredients, may not have the correct corresponding drug facts label on the back.

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New Mucinex® Allergy

  • Non-drowsy

  • 24-hour

  • Prescription-strength

  • Fast-acting*

*Starts working in one hour



Use as directed

Relieves these symptoms:
  • active-runny

    Runny Nose

  • active-sneezing


  • itchy_nose_thumbjpgpng

    Itchy Nose

  • itchy_throat_thumbjpgpng

    Itchy Throat

  • itchy_eyes_thumbjpgpng

    Itchy Watery Eye